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I changed my alias (again)

2017-08-06 23:33:06 by Wick3dRabbit

So, as i'm uncontrollably diving into the wide world of electronic music, i realized that i'll need a new name (again) to start over.

So, from now on Wick3dRabbit will just be a memory to us, as i'm now...




Seriously, just check out my new soundcloud account. Geez.


(Also, it's shoutouts time: @neomusika, @nekomika, @zelgeon, @lethalix, @enninja, @lethalix, @sp34k3rm4n and my dear friend, @ectisity)

Have a good day anyway :P

-Wick3dRabbit a.k.a MINDFVCK

EDIT: I won't make another NG account, all my future craps will be posted here. If you want to show support, Soundcloud is the place. Thanks!

I'm up on Facebook!!!

2017-07-03 00:46:23 by Wick3dRabbit

Anyone who reads this please like my new Facebook page if you want, and get some extra exposure for a (not so) underated musician ;)




Vote for me :D

2017-06-01 03:10:56 by Wick3dRabbit

So, the thing is i'm entering a remix contest on Spinning Records,and i've just finished my track. And to put it straight, whether you are a supporter of me or not:

 Please vote for me!

Here's the track: http://tlnt.pl/RiELLi

I'm not going to say anything more, as my music will do that for me (perhaps :P)

Have a good day, and remember to vote for me!

@lethalix @neomusika @taintedlogic @nekomika @troisnyx

P/S: I already chose another track for the NGADM auditions, so this'll only enter one contest at a time xD

New song out now :)

2016-11-09 10:19:08 by Wick3dRabbit

Hey, after a very long time, i'm proud to bring you my collab with Nekomika that i mentioned in my last post. Here it is now: 

Hope you like it :) I have a lot of projects in store now, but can't seem to finish any...

Shoutouts: @lethalix @nekomika @enninja @lockyn @wondermeow


New song, need name ;)

2016-11-02 11:47:10 by Wick3dRabbit

Ey, i've just done a new song (yep, that collab with @nekomika that almost everybody forgot); but i need a name for it. I'll suggest the names from your ideas to her; and we'll both agree on a name later.

Here's the song, fully mastered: https://soundcloud.com/wick3dr/futurehouse

Also, have some fresh free future bounce Sylenth1 presets, totally made from scratch by me:


Have a good day, and remember that i'm not dead yet (that's what happens when you are inactive for too long lel)

Shout-outs: @dem0lecule @lethalix @keratz101 @optimize @neomusika @chaelmusic


2016-10-31 11:25:54 by Wick3dRabbit

Damnit, i've been missing this out for 2 years... Happy Halloween then!




Wait; you're telling me i've been inactive for too long and then come back with nothing to share? Well...take this as a gift, but remember don't ever tell this to anybody. ANYBODY! I won't take any responsibily if you get injured somehow, you heard me...


P/S: I've also got a lot of things in store right now, hehe...




2016-08-04 10:52:38 by Wick3dRabbit






I won't let you guys down!!!

(Planning to) Collab with Nekomika!

2016-07-25 21:06:37 by Wick3dRabbit

Hey guys, i'm here again to announce the next big step in my music career: collab with one of my favorite Newgrounders, @nekomika

Well,it's not exactly a collab, but she's gonna send me some samples that i can and will use in my next song. So far i haven't recieved them, but i'm really looking forward to it!

If this goes well then my music will be taken to a new level (or a very small step, depends on my skills and stuff :P)

Thanks for reading guys!

Besides,i won't tell what the samples are about :3

UPDATE: I got the samples now, WIP incoming xD

No one is taking my new song seriously ;(

2016-07-21 23:10:02 by Wick3dRabbit

Well despite of the name, i actually worked on it a lot ;3 It's one of my friends that accidentally say that word,but it sounds so savage that i set it as my new song's name.

Anyway,i mastered the song myself this time,so feedback is very appreciated <3

Thanks and have a good day!


2016-07-07 03:54:32 by Wick3dRabbit

"Yay i finally learned how to make and edit stuff in photoshop! (thanks random yt tutorials lol)

The logo you're looking at now is a result of a 2 hours work (seriously it takes a lot for the layers to blend well with each other), so if anyone is looking for a decent logo i can make one if i'm free :D



Thats the story.Well, I downloaded the whole rabbit on google then just trim his head.Turns out this comes from a stock photo site,and it costs credits to download the image.If anyone knows whether i'm in trouble or not,please tell me.

UPDATE: It seems i'm really in trouble...i'll remove the images then.