Vote for me :D

2017-06-01 03:10:56 by Wick3dRabbit

So, the thing is i'm entering a remix contest on Spinning Records,and i've just finished my track. And to put it straight, whether you are a supporter of me or not:

 Please vote for me!

Here's the track:

I'm not going to say anything more, as my music will do that for me (perhaps :P)

Have a good day, and remember to vote for me!

@lethalix @neomusika @taintedlogic @nekomika @troisnyx

P/S: I already chose another track for the NGADM auditions, so this'll only enter one contest at a time xD


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2017-06-01 05:02:16

Track sounds good :3

Wick3dRabbit responds:

Thanks! If any of your friend has an account on Spinning, please tell them to vote for me with the link above :))